Ryan White Funding Opportunities for Community Health Centers (A Podcast Episode)

This special episode is co-sponsored by Health Partners on IPV + Exploitation and is a part of the Expanding the Continuum podcast series that explores the intersections of HIV and intimate partner violence (by Futures Without Violence and the National Network to End Domestic Violence). In this episode that targets a health center and Ryan White program audience, hear luminaries in the field discuss the implications of a health sector response to HIV and forms of intimate and patriarchal violence.  Tune in to hear Health Partners on IPV + Exploitation’s, Surabhi Kukke talk with Dr. Dana Hines, a national expert on the intersections of HIV and IPV, about the ways that the HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau creates opportunities through the Ryan White Program for health centers and other grantees to address and prevent domestic and sexual violence.  (25 minutes in English)

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