Senior Health Policy Consultant, Futures Without Violence

Rebecca Levenson is a senior health policy consultant for Futures Without Violence.  A nationally-recognized researcher, educator, advocate, and speaker, she has worked extensively in the area of adolescent, reproductive and perinatal health within federal and state programs, community clinics and home visitation programs for the past 20 years. She is a champion on behalf of […]

Human Trafficking Consultant, Futures Without Violence

Kiricka Yarbough Smith has over 20 years of combined experience working in the areas of mental health, developmental disabilities, substance abuse, domestic violence, sexual violence, and human trafficking. Kiricka has provided outreach, direct services, resources, and referrals to survivors of violence. She is the Program Director for the NC Council for Women and Youth Involvement’s human trafficking programs. Kiricka […]

Consultant, Futures Without Violence

Surabhi Kukke is a consultant, primarily working for Futures Without Violence, focusing on capacity building and resource development for health care workers on assessment and response to intimate partner violence (IPV) and the intersections between IPV, reproductive health and HIV. She is based in Austin, Texas where she was formerly Director of Prevention Programs at […]

Family Physician, Asian Health Services

Family Physician, Asian Health Services; Co-Founder, HEAL Trafficking; Vice Speaker of the House, Executive Board of Directors, National Association of Community Health Centers Kimberly S.G. Chang, MD, MPH, is a Family Physician at Asian Health Services (AHS) in Oakland, California. In 2015, Dr. Chang completed the Commonwealth Fund Minority Health Policy Fellowship at Harvard, examining […]