Health Centers Are Key to Violence Prevention

We work with community health centers to support those at risk of experiencing or surviving intimate partner violence (IPV), human trafficking (HT), and exploitation, and to bolster prevention efforts.

Our Impact

Health Partners on IPV + Exploitation serves the nation’s network of 15,000 federally-funded community health centers through training on trauma-informed services, building partnerships, policy development, and the integration of processes designed to promote prevention and increase the identification and referral to supportive services for individuals at risk for, experiencing, or surviving IPV, HT, and exploitation.

Health Partners works to build partnerships between health centers and domestic violence and sexual assault (DV/SA) advocacy programs–they are natural partners given their shared mission to improve the health, wellness, and safety of their patients and clients.

IPV Health Partners

Online toolkit for establishing and expanding partnerships between community health centers and domestic violence/community-based advocacy programs


NEWLY developed: Partnerships Between Health Centers and Domestic and Sexual Violence Advocacy Programs (Bi-directional Infographic). Learn more here.

Join Director, Anna Marjavi for an upcoming webinar discussing the National Academies’ report on essential healthcare services for women experiencing intimate partner violence during public health emergencies. Register here.

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