Policy & Issues Forum 2024

Marriott Marquis, Washington, DC
February 12-15, 2024
Committee Meetings: February 10-11, 2024
Hybrid Conference

The 2024 NACHC Policy and Issues Forum (P&I) is where the change-makers and thought leaders in the Health Center Movement gather momentum and focus on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Health center leaders from around the country – doctors, nurses, CEOs and consumer board leaders –will descend on the halls of Congress, share their stories and underscore that long-term sustainability is essential to meet the growing demand for care.

Join us on Wednesday, Feb 14, 2024 8:00 AM – 9:15 AM EST to present the following session: Addressing Intimate Partner Violence, Human Trafficking, and Safety needs amongst CHC Patients through Policy and Partnerships.
This session will feature a panel of experts from national and federal agencies, health centers, and primary care associations. They will speak to their current efforts while highlighting the role of health centers and key partners to support individuals experiencing IPV and other forms of violence. More importantly, attendees will have an opportunity to hear from panelists on promising practices, challenges they’ve encountered, and lessons learned to date. The goal of the session is to equip attendees with the knowledge, resources, and ideas to expand current health center efforts on recognizing and responding to IPV and other forms of violence.


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